About Us

Axiam provides “straight-build” turbine engine core assembly products for engine shops.

Axiam offers the only repeatable, computer-driven engine assembly process solutions available in the marketplace today. Axiam's assembly processes can be configured for any speed component assembly used in engine shops or at remote sites. Axiam's assembly processes control assembly variables while significantly reducing assembly time. As a result, shops gain cost savings, improved engine quality and improved performance. Its assembly processes bring guaranteed improvements in SFC, EGT Margin and Vibration. These improvements result in significant operating cost savings for each aircraft as well as a longer average wing time. Our repeatable assembly processes incorporate predictive applications software, custom tooling, proprietary procedures, training, on-going service and engineering support, and high-precision measurement. Assembly turn time, spares utilization and the machining of component parts are markedly reduced.

The Problem

The engine manual assembly process, which is not repeatable, is a “trial-and-error” process. A maximum allowable rotor runout is utilized and other portions of engine core assembly are simply performed through “trial-and-error.” An assembled rotor is then balanced with weights placed at strategic points on the discs to compensate for stack eccentricity and non-linearity. These engine manual assembly processes rely heavily on an individual mechanic’s skills, inadequate tools and/or rudimentary software in an inherently unrepeatable assembly process. Consequently, critical assembly variables are not controlled resulting in avoidable issues and costs in Assembly, Balancing, Test Cell and on-wing. The Operator experiences sub-optimal engine performance, wing time and engine life.

The Axiam Solution

Axiam’s repeatable, straight-build engine core assembly processes build to the actual centerline of rotation and not to runouts. The static parts of the engine core, bearing compartment and casing, are built to the same centerline. Blade distribution is about the actual centerline of rotation of the entire rotor rather than the theoretical centerline of each disc. Assembly variables for each component of the engine core are identified and controlled through Axiam’s proprietary procedures, software and tooling. The AOPs, Assembly Optimization Processes, are developed in Axiam’s development laboratory from drawings and/or parts. During development, data is generated to verify assembly process repeatability and optimal builds.

Our People

Axiam's experienced staff of engineers has designed software, tooling and assembly procedures for a wide range of aero and industrial turbine engines. We work closely with customers during assembly process development and continue to our support in resolving assembly issues under the TSES Program. An important goal is to deliver prompt, effective service to our customers anywhere on the globe.