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Axiam Media Coverage

6/22 Installation of a 4th Axiam system for F135 engine assembly in Middletown CT  
4/22 Robert Parsons named Senior Vice President of Axiam  
11/20 Installation of Axiam system for multiple engines at AECC South China  
5/20 Installation of Fuel Pump Assembly procedure at SpaceX  
12/19 Installation of V2500 GeoBal Assembly process at Ameco Beijing  
4/19 Installation of V2500 High Side Assembly process at Ameco Beijing  
2/19 Installation of Axiam Shaft Measurement system for V2500 and CFM56 LPT at LHT Hamburg Germany  
12/16 Axiam completes installation of V2500 ERC HPC at Shanghai Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engine Maintenance Co., Ltd.  
8/16 Shanghai Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engine Maintenance Co., Ltd. contracts Axiam, Inc. for V2500 ECR (Engine Core Restoration) HPC  
5/15 Donald Lohin a key speaker at Aviation MRO Indonesia (AMROI) 2015 Conference & Exhibition, 12th-13th May, 2015 at the Grand Mercure Hotel Jakarta  
10/14 Donald Lohin to speak at the America and Caribbean Engineering & MRO Summit taking place at the Westin Hotel on the 15th - 16th October  
10/13 Axiam, Inc. President Donald Lohin to present, Axiam’s Assembly Processes Deliver Straight Builds About the Centerline: Improved Engine Performance, Reliability and Quality while Reducing Costs, at Aviation Outlook Asia 2013. Aviation OutlookAsia 2013
6/13 Axiam, Inc. President Donald Lohin interviewed by Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine
5/13 Wall Street Journal - Engine Core Straight-build Delivers Annual Fuel Savings up to $1.0 Million
11/12 Alp Aviation contracts Axiam for use in the manufacture of the Pratt & Whitney F135 HPC.
10/12 Axiam, Inc. President & CEO Donald Lohin is a featured speaker at the Aviation Week Engine MRO forum, Engine MRO Europe, Paris, France. Addressing budgetary constraints and rising fuel costs, Mr. Lohin highlights how Axiam's technology and processes reduce fuel consumption and increase efficiency for new engines and existing fleets.
04/12 Axiam, Inc. completes installation & training on the Taurus engine core assembly process at Solar Turbines EAME s.r.o. Czech Republic.
01/12 Swiss International Air Lines uses Axiam's engine core assembly process for the LF507 engines. Test cell data for the first 42 engines shows that engine on-wing time has doubled and engine vibration was reduced by 80%.
01/12 Solar Turbines EAME s.r.o. Czech Republic contracts Axiam for the Taurus engine core assembly process.
03/11 Mass High Tech features Axiam, Inc., Axiam Aims to Save Fuel and Increase Durability in Jet Engines.
03/11 Axiam, Inc. is featured in Overhaul & Maintenance Magazine.
02/11 Axiam, Inc. is featured in Aviation Maintenance Magazine Feb./March 2011 edition; Fuel Savings: More Than Just Winglets.
  Axiam, Inc. is contracted by Lufthansa Technik Switzerland to develop repeatable, straight-build engine core assembly process for the LF507-1F engine.
03/10 Swiss International Air Lines will utilize Axiam's Engine Core Restoration ("ECR") Assembly Processes to improve engine performance, quality and reliability.
06/09 Jordan Airmotive contracts Axiam to implement its ECR Assembly Process solutions for the JT8D, RB211 & CF6-50-80 engines.
02/09 Axiam receives a contract from Dallas Airmotive for ECR Assembly Process solutions of Tay & Spey engines.
10/08 United Services enters into agreement with Axiam to achieve SFC & vibration improvements through its ECR Assembly Processes for the PW2037 engine.
02/08 TAP Air Portugal Maintenance adopts Axiam CFM56 High Side Assembly Process.
10/04 USAF Award for cost savings from utilization of Axiam Assembly Processes.
09/04 Axiam completes V2500 installation assembly at Air New Zealand
08/04 Axiam awarded F100 Engine Assembly Project by Tinker AFB
06/03 Axiam Receives Naval Air Systems Command; Commander's Award Commendation.